Write your story in a simpler programming language.

This is dedicated to you who have the story.


  • lighting

    The installation package is less than 15MB, does not rely on any third-party dynamic libraries, and the UNIX platform is only an executable file, clean and tidy, which is really simple but not simple

  • Broad support

    It supports almost all PC platforms, including MAC (Darwin), windows UNIX (red hat / CentOS / Ubuntu / debain /...) to switch desktop systems at will

  • Independent packet manager

    The official package management name of Woo program language is called:om om=woo manager,When an expansion pack needs to be installed:
    om install oshine/rename

  • PHP like programming

    As we all know, many people say PHP is the best language. The reason is that a simple function can realize a complex function. So far, woo language also pays tribute to PHP and adds many global functions to achieve the purpose of writing programs quickly

  • Using Lua syntax

    Woo language is developed by go. It uses Lua syntax and does not support all Lua features. It only supports about 95% of lua syntax. Therefore, you can directly use the idea editor when writing woo language. You can see the tutorial for details

  • Unique inheritance characteristics

    The woo program language also supports inheritance features and uses functions_ Extend () can implement the inheritance function. Although it is inconsistent with the writing of many languages, the functions implemented are the same.


  • linux / mac

    use curl command tools to install woo

    sudo /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL "https://woolang.net/i/?v=1.?")"
  • windows(gitbash)

    windows need to install git

    bash -c "$(curl -fsSL "https://woolang.net/i/?v=1.?")"

  • windows(powershell)

    use powershell to install woo

    $p=(curl "https://woolang.net/i/?p=Windows&arch=amd64&v=1.?&mirror=1"|findstr Content|findstr %);wget $p.Split('%')[1] -O "~\Woolang-Installer.exe" ; ~\Woolang-Installer.exe

  • in docker

    Use docker to install woo

    docker run -dit --name woo a364713478/woo


who use woo?